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  1. Greatness
    The mighty wall of China wasn't built in one day. It took close to 2000 years to build it. Be gentle with yourself. Don't rush your transformation process.
  2. Your Best
    Your Best
    People are watching you. Give them something amazing to talk about. Give them the best version of yourself. Give them your very best.
  3. Be Bold
    Be Bold
    Think beyond all the likes and dislikes you have inherited from your parents and your community. Claim your independence. Be bold in your thoughts, speech, and your overall presentation.
  4. Pocket Squares
    Pocket Squares
    You were designed to enter the game of Life as a key player not a spectator. You were to designed to emerge as a force to be reckoned with. You were designed to be a game changer. Rule your world. Think like Royalty. Speak like Royalty. Dress like Royalty. Dominate.
  5. Royalty
    You were born for the challenge of being Royalty in a society where everyone is being forced to become a Nobody in order to fit in.
  6. Uncommon
    Do everything in an uncommon way. Let your "uncommon touch" become your business card. In all that you do remember the basic rule of success: Stand out or go home.
  7. Be Unique
    Be Unique
    Today we have too many followers and not enough leaders. Too many copycats and not enough innovators. Too many doers and not enough thinkers. Think for yourself. Be Unique.
  8. Panache
    All accessories are not made equal. Reinvent yourself. Find a new way to wear the same old clothes with great panache. Life is too short be boring. Dress with panache.
  9. The Top
    The Top
    Become a student of success and starve all the distractions around you. Give yourself permission to reach the top.
  10. Bespoke Civilization
    Bespoke Civilization
    You are not here to conform to the world system. You are here to challenge the status quo, transform the society in which you live, and ultimately help manifest a new civiilzation.
  11. Transformation
    Transformation is a serious business. Don't leave anything to chance. Your new wine must go into a new wineskin. If you want different results in 2018 then you must be willing to try new approaches.
  12. Raise your standards
    Raise your standards
    Think well. Speak well. Dress well. Claim your place among the gods.
  13. Posture
    Posture determines position. How you view yourself determines how others are willing to treat you. Elevation comes from the hills of your mind.
  14. Dare to be YOU
    Dare to be YOU
    Dare to be unconventional. Dare to own what makes you truly unique. Raise your standards. Claim your place among the gods. Dare to be YOU
  15. Happy Holidays
    Happy Holidays
    Wishing our friends , Family and customers a Merry Christmas and a very prosperous New Year. We are grateful for you. Thanks for your continued support. You are the best